Gluten-free and wholemeal bread also available for all meals

Grilled Breakfast $18
Bacon, sausages, potato rosti, grilled tomato, eggs cooked to your liking, served with toasted Turkish bread (cappuccino or juice

Half Breakfast $13
Bacon, and eggs cooked to your liking, with white thick toast (cappuccino or juice included)

Mediterranean Breakfast $19
Grilled holoumi, avocado, grilled tomato and mushrooms, bacon, eggs cooked to your liking, served with toasted Turkish bread
(cappuccino or juice included)

Breakfast Bruschetta $12
Roma tomatoes, poached eggs, rocket and pesto, served on Italian bread, topped with parmesan cheese

Roman Empire Bruschetta $16
Roma tomatoes, poached eggs, bacon, served on pesto infused Italian bread, topped with hollandaise sauce

Breakfast Burger $9
Bacon, eggs, melted haloumi cheese served on Turkish bread

Omelette $14
Mediterranean style with Spanish onion, sundried tomatoes, olives, and ham, finished off with melted mozzarella and white thick toast
Or Choose up to four fillings to create your own unique omelette

Sicilian Breakfast $10
Two poached eggs served in a spicy Napoli salsa, with grilled Italian bread

Eggs Benedict
Served on Turkish bread topped with hollandaise sauce, with your choice of:
Smoked Salmon $14, Ham $12, Bacon $13

Fluffy Pancakes $12.50
Choose your flavour: traditional or chocolate, or real fruit flavours: strawberry, banana, blueberry, or raspberry. Served with maple
syrup, cream and ice-cream

Grilled Fingers $7.50
Choose three toppings (from the toppings over the page), served on your choice of Turkish, thick white or gluten free toast

Raisin Toast $4.00

Toast $4.00
Your choice of Turkish, thick white, or gluten free. Spread selection of butter, honey, jam, or vegemite


  • Bacon $2.5
  • Avocado $2
  • Haloumi $3
  • Potato Rosti $2.5
  • Honey $0.5
  • Sausage $2.5
  • Mushroom $2
  • Grilled Tomato $2
  • Hollandaise $1
  • Jam $0.5

Bambini (12 years and under)

all kids meals – $7.5
Kids Half Breakfast: bacon, and egg on toast
Kids Omelette: choose three fillings (from toppings over the page)
Kids Fluffy Pancakes: Pancakes served with ice-cream and maple syrup (choose from the flavours above)