The Mafiuso: olives, pepperoni, anchovies, gorgonzola cheese, mozzarella cheese, chilli and caramelized onion - $19.5
The Queen Margherita: bocconcini, mozzarella cheese and fresh tomato, drizzled with EVOO - $15
Sleep with the Fish: prawns, calamari, octopus, smoked salmon, red onion, chilli, garlic and mozzarella cheese - $20.5
The Roman Empire: grilled chicken, capsicum, mushrooms, semidried tomato and mozzarella cheese - $19.5
Eruption: double bocconcini, semidried tomato, leg ham, double parmesan cheese and double mozzarella cheese, drizzled with infused basil EVOO - $19.5
Mediterranean: semidried tomato, kalamata olives, capsicum, rocket, mushrooms, haloumi and mozzarella cheese - $19.5
The Sicilian: basil pesto base, roma tomato, leg ham, red onion, kalamata olives and mozzarella cheese topped with fresh rocket - $19.5
The Godfather: prosciutto, ham, pepperoni, semidried tomato, red onion, bocconcini and mozzarella cheese - $20.5
The Don: pork belly, Italian sausage, onion jam, capsicum, olives, mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese - $21